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Plane deformation

My idea for this experiment was to explore the technique of a classic effect from the old demoscene. I’m talking about plane deformations, where animations are created by deforming textures in different ways over time. I used to be fascinated by this kind of demos in the 90s, and love the fact that it is now possible to run them with javascript in a web browser. Sweet!

This experiment holds 10 different version of shaders, creating some pretty funny effects. Check them out:

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You’ll need a browser that supports WebGL (preferably Chrome) and a decent graphics card be able to view this project.
Use the arrow keys (left & right) to switch between the different shaders, and your mouse (click and drag) to interact.

Plane deformation 1
Plane deformation 2
Plane deformation 3
Plane deformation 4
Plane deformation 5
Plane deformation 6
Plane deformation 7