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Particle attractor

I’m a big fan of particles.. Just add enough of them and toss them around, and you will probably end up with a pretty awesome result. At first I wrote this project in pure js, but decided later on to port it to WebGL, to be able to increase the amount of particles.
The concept is pretty straight forward, particles are chasing an invisible tracker which moves around in a perlin noise based pattern. Once in a while the tracker will grow tired of the followers and repel them for a short time.

You can interact with your mouse, left click to attract or right click to repel the particles.

You’ll need a browser that supports WebGL (preferably Chrome) to be able to view this project.

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Particle attractor 1
Particle attractor 2
Particle attractor 3
Particle attractor 4
Particle attractor 5
Particle attractor 6